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2Tools Transport Interface

Q: What is 2Tools?
Q: Why not just slave ProTools? Q: Why control from the  Console ?
A: Makes ProTools behave as a true tape machine to work with SSL E and G consoles, and provide traditional mixing and tracking sessions.
A: Working with ProTools as master saves time, and avoids word clock sync issues. Play is instant, with no waiting for lock.
A: You can drive ProTools from wherever your work is focused. No waiting for SSL mix computer commands like 'Cycle Mix' etc.

2Tools Downloads and Links:

OSX Midi Librarian:

1.4U full Manual pdf (2.3m)
free utility for Apple OSX
2.2U full Manual pdf (1.5m)

Some 2Tools clients:


Massive Attack, Soho, Olympic
1.4U SSL E/G, PT & MMC
Sit Archive (Midi SysX) (8k)

PlusXXX France
2.2U SSL E/G, PT & MMC Sitx Archive (Midi SysX) (12k)

Mulino, Officine Meccaniche
Purge Memory
Sit Archive (Midi SysX) (4k)

Southern Tracks

Warehouse, Armoury

The software downloads are standard midi files, and can be installed with any midi librarian program (see link above). For SSL and PROTOOLS™, 1.4U software is compatible with all PROTOOLS™ versions to date, and uses the 'CS10' midi protocol for record commands. This requires Digi's additional ‘Legacy Midi Controllers’ support file installed in PROTOOLS™.

Version 2.2U now uses the more standard ‘HUI’ midi controller protocol (no additional file needed). There’s no need to update to this if you are using 1.4U, but its recommended for new installations, or if you upgrade PROTOOLS™ in future.

2Tools: inside out